Friday, January 16, 2009

Kings Park Adventure

Yes Nanna we will be good.

View from Kings Park over looking Perth.

I have been meaning to right up this adventure for some months now, but as usual life is so busy and time passes so quickly. I have however drafted many starts to this blog, each one different from the other, finally I have begun.
It’s funny as you get older as a parent, your children began to treat you as if you were the child – both kids (now in their 30’s twins) were a little unsure that I was going to be able to manage the grandchildren on my own – I had no doubt about it at all, in fact was very excited about it. Needless to say Dylan 3yrs and Jessica 3yrs were delightful and also excited that Nanna was taking them out to her favourite park. They chatted endlessly in the car, both trying to outdo the other. Dylan, “Jessie my daddy is at work today, he works lots”, Jessica, “yes Dylan my daddy is working lots to and he loves me”, Dylan, “my daddy loves me too”. They talked nonstop the whole journey, not one argument, just continuous one-up-man ship. It was very funny to listen too, I should have tapped it and added to the blog, it was entertaining for me. I had such fun.

Once at the park we looked for a parking spot, which is much easier to find with two kids helping. I did not realise that the Red Bull air show was on the same day, and from Kings Park it is a bird’s eye view of the aeroplanes, which they also enjoyed although it was noisy. We started at the top of the park and looked at the War Memorial; the kids enjoyed playing on the walls and climbing the stairs. When you have time to just let them play it is so much more fun, I sat and watched how simply they played with each other keeping me in their sights, it was a real treat.

Let me help you Jess!

This is how you do it! Nanna come on!

Dylan decided he would try and climb every tree he saw, Jess was happy to follow and do rollie pollie on the grass, having small children gives you permission to do silly things as an adult, like rollie pollie down the hill, we laughed and laughed – it was now lunch time – time to cue at the kiosk, for yes you guessed it a healthy lunch of chicken nuggets and chips with mayo for Dylan and tomato sauce for Jess, orange juice and water. Nanna enjoyed a cup of coffee and a sandwich. All was eaten with great gusto, sitting nicely at the table under the umbrella. Now it was time for the playground, “let’s go Nanna.”
Now the kids run and run, climbing on every possible piece of play equipment with Nanna watching with her eagle eyes. Heaven help trying to explain to their parents something happened whilst in my care
I'm tired Nanna and I am going to rest!

We did it Dylan, look we are at the top!

Treats, laughter & fun were bountiful, great therapy I recommend it for anyone with kids, spend time having lots and lots of merriment.

It was home time now, and you guessed it, the little darlings slept all the way home, it was a quiet drive home. I smiled to myself with great satisfaction, we all had a fantastic time.

Aren't they just beautiful!

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