Sunday, December 27, 2009

Putting up the Christmas Tree with the grandchildren

Dylan helping nanna put up the Christmas tree he did a terrific job..

Singapore: a Christmas tree made with teddy bears:

Oh my favourite time of the year.... work has come to an end at least for a few weeks... I switch off and concentrate on my family life... leading up to Christmas is always very busy... this year I was in Singapore early December which puts pressure on in terms of time and Christmas parties.

My Christmas tree was late going up this year... as Kirsten moved out in October and she normally helps me.... so I was tardy getting up this year... until I thought the grand kids can help put it up... so there begins a new trend.... the kids putting up the tree.... they are such helpful little cherubs.... even Isabella helped by the decorations on the tree..

The Christmas cake was later than usual but the fruit managed to get a soak for at least a week.... it was too late this year to make the gingerbread house.... so I had to find something else to make for the kids that would distract from the usual ginger bread house.... so I put chocolates and candy sticks in the welcome bowl near the front door and made some Christmas crackles which went down a treat... and nobody mentioned the gingerbread house... will do it next year.....

Then the kids decided that uncle Scott could be decorated as a Christmas tree and then Dylan also thought he would make a good Christmas tree and put the tinsel all over him... it was all good fun......

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