Monday, December 28, 2009

Summer is great for the kids playing in the pool.....

Dylan, Jasmine, Jessica

Over the week or so I have managed to spend more time with the family... what a surprise... because I have been off work... even though I do have work to do, i have not been motivated to do it... the weather has been wonderfully hot therefore I have spent a lot of time in the pool.

Jodie with Sam and Talia


Scott & Logan

I looked over previous blogs and note that I have not blogged much on this site....that is mainly because I have been too busy with my other blogs and work... there are many times I have spent with the grandchild and have laughed at comments they have made and thought I must blog that .... but alas time gets away with me and I don't get it done. The children come out with such gems..... at wonder where they get it from.

With seven grandchildren we are busy all the time.... I do try very hard to be fair and equal with them all in terms of everything.... this week we have one each night for a sleep over...of the older children...the younger ones make it to hard... already having the kids invades on our sleep in of the mornings and our playtime... remembering this is our holiday too as during the year we are both busy and tired. We do have to train the grand kids to knock on our door.... before entering...

Jasmine helped wash the dog (Muffin) don't know who needed their hair brush more!

Next year Jasmine starts school, Dylan starts pre-school and Jessica starts kindy so a big year for all of them.... they are certainly ready for it...Talia who really is the middle one will probably do four year old kindy, then there is Sam, Isabella and Logan who will be left at home..... I also think next year we may be heading for grandchild number 8 if Ben & Peta's plan goes ahead.... that is there baby plan... so watch this space for more adventures with the family.
All the very best for 2010 to everyone.

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Berry Digital Designs said...

What day/night do you have Dylan? I'm sure he'd love to see Monique at Nanna Costins house :P

Looks like you all had a great time Christmas night.